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Danger Zone Friends is a JRPG about two roommates on a grocery trip gone awry.

Agnes and Lulu set out to make a simple errand, but along the way, they find themselves taking a wrong turn into the Danger Zone! Will they be able to survive the hazards of the underground world, return to the surface, and complete their shopping trip?

This one-of-a-kind JRPG adventure features a 2+ hour story, a complete original soundtrack, the occasional joke, and tactical combat.

It was originally created as a (very belated) overkill birthday present for my girlfriend in 2018.  However, this version is for everyone.
I put a lot of heart into this game, and I hope it shows.

Windows only.
Press Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen!
All writing, design, art, sound, and music by me.
Third party scripts by Cidiomar R. Dias Jr,  Jet, Lecode, modern algebra, and Yanfly.

Stream/download the soundtrack from Soundcloud.
Play more of my games at Sassy Echidna Software.

"It's worth checking out alone just to see how many cheese-based enemies the developer can come up with, honestly."  - Joel Couture


Danger Zone Friends.zip 68 MB

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I loved this game!!!! I thought all of the jokes were hillarious and I loved all the cheese related puns. 

I totally didn't see the twist coming at the end and was pleasantly surprised! The battles were challenging but a lot of fun to figure out what I was supposed to do.

A whole lot of fun!! Thank you for making this gem!!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

best game I ever played! can I help you?