Card Games versus Literary Characters at the End of the World is a single player trading card game experience. You are a talented card player participating in the Great Tournament during the literal end times. The other participants in the tournament are a bit odd.

For complete fullscreen support, it is recommended you download the Windows version below if possible. If you are playing the web version, click the button in the bottom-right corner for pseudo-fullscreen.


  • Duel and defeat eight literary characters in the card game
  • Collect 94 cards and customize your 20 card deck
  • Gripping story about the end of the world
  • Eavesdrop on conversations among ideologues in the cafe
  • Press C at any time to cough!

Created in four weeks for TheCakeFlavor as part of the 2019 Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa Jam. The prompt was "cards, snowball, celebration, public domain characters, HDMI cable, cough ability, ideology."

Two versions of the game are available. Version 1.3, the "Enhanced Edition," features some substantial rule and card text changes that improve the game and is generally recommended. Version 1.2 is still available for download for those who played the original and want the "classic" experience.


v1.3 (Enhanced Version) 32 MB
v1.2 (Classic Version) 32 MB

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This game is really, really good.  Excellent blend of genres and narratives. Surprisingly balanced game for a CCG (at least until you get to Wendy's cards).  Banning Heaven's Open Door is a nice touch.  

Thank you for the kind words, and congrats on beating it! And yeah, in the real world, Wendy's cards from Booster X would definitely not be allowed in competitive play.