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The Dark Lord Ultradeath has come to this mortal plane to watch a vaudeville show. If the show doesn't go over well, he will end the world! Talk about high stakes, amarite? As a hired sword, it is your job to clear the monsters from the music hall, find the missing performers, and make sure that the show goes smoothly. 


  • Mini RPG action and adventure!
  • You can laugh at my jokes.
  • Headbang to a ragtime-esque soundtrack by Claire Schroeder
  • Admire the monsters and humans wearing top hats.
  • Run over orcs with a school bus.

Controls are Z, X, and arrow keys. Downloadable for Windows. Created with RPG Maker 2003.

Created for the 2021 Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa Jam for fizzhog, whose list included "a bus or bus driver, a fast-moving overblown story, an overwhelming UI, popular theatrical entertainment of the past, something about collecting or collectors, paranormal investigation, and someone obsessed with pens," in case you were wondering about the basis for any of my creative decisions.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorAlexandra Higgins
GenreRole Playing
TagsComedy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Funny, JRPG, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, weird

Install instructions

Unzip and run the installer.


VaudevilleAndSword.zip 62 MB


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This was a really cute little adventure! I love how the other characters started off feeling useless compared to Ash, but by the end everyone's hit their groove and contributes to the final battle. The whole vaudeville aesthetic felt really unique too, all the handcrafted art is super-lovely.

So cute, thank you for making. Loved how unique the characters were, each played a role. Worked great via wine on linux!

Thank you so much for the kind words! And I'm glad to hear that it runs on Linux