content warning: blood, violence, mild language, drug use

Based on The Hyperbolic Needle by Brian Cristi, which can be read for free here.

The Morphine Western Revenge is an Western top-down shooter with a focus on fast-paced, decisive, and tactical combat. You play as a young Native American woman in search of her sister, who went missing in the aftermath of your tribe's destruction at the hands of the military. Your only companions are the gun at your hip and a hypodermic needle full of morphine.

A mouse is required to play. It may not run properly on older computers. If you are running Windows, it is highly recommended that you download the desktop version instead of playing the game in your browser. The desktop version has fullscreen support, better audio, smoother performance, and greater stability.


WASD - move
Left Mouse - shoot
Right Mouse- stab
R - reload
Q - use morphine
E - toggle line of sight
1 - equip revolver
2 - equip shotgun
3 - equip rifle
P/esc - pause/quit
enter - skip dialogue, credits, if possible

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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A lot of people are still playing this after all these years, which I appreciate! However, as time passes, I feel increasingly uncomfortable with the game's narrative. In short: I'm not entirely sure if this story here was mine to tell. In 2015 or 2016, I was asked by a friend to adopt a novella of his into this game, but making the adaptation required me to rewrite much of the story myself. As a white person writing a Native American protagonist from an outsider's perspective, I did some cultural and historical research, but not enough (for example, I thought that the "Ghost Mother" in the source material was the literal ghost of the protagonist's mother - I later learned this was not the case). Even though I had good intentions and the narrative can be described as anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-expansionist, etc, I think a lot of my personal ignorance about the people and topics explored in the game is evident. This game would have been better if written, for example, by someone from an actual indigenous perspective.


The Morphine Western 37 MB


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I didn't want the drugs. And I didn't want the bullets. So I became dead. You get what you pay for. And more.

Thank you so much for playing and sharing! Always makes my day to see these sorts of videos. I thought I squashed the bug where you can't shoot bad dudes at the bottom of the screen; it's good to have it brought back to my attention.