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I really like the vibe of this game. 

I played some on stream if you are interested. (1:46:08)

Aw, thank you so much! It was fun watching the stream!

And thank you for finding the wall glitch! I'm working on the sequel and just fixed it so it won't happen with that tile again.


Thanks for this fun little game!


I did a Let's Play for this:

Oh, wonderful, thank you!
Sorry about the moving tile puzzles - thankfully, they only make a couple brief appearances after the 2nd dungeon.
Rot13 for the solution:

Fgnegvat sebz gur ebbz jvgu gur erq urnyvat Cbttyr:
1)Gnxr gur 3eq gvyr sebz gur gbc
2) Gnxr gur gvyr qbjajneq
3) Gnxr gur yrsgzbfg gvyr, gura zbir nyy gur jnl evtug, gura zbir hc
Vg vf erpbzzraqrq lbhe cnegl vf ng yriry 3 orsber gur obff svtug.


I loved this game!!!! I thought all of the jokes were hillarious and I loved all the cheese related puns. 

I totally didn't see the twist coming at the end and was pleasantly surprised! The battles were challenging but a lot of fun to figure out what I was supposed to do.

A whole lot of fun!! Thank you for making this gem!!

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

best game I ever played! can I help you?